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Black and White Skyline
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"...Freeman’s vocal arrangement shines like polished silver. 

... The song [has an] impeccable air of cinematic longing–as dewy, green, and bittersweet as the melody itself."

— Silver Cup, The All Scene Eye

"It all comes together for this conversational, charming combination that makes my heart smile. Have you ever had coffee with a friend and just felt so wonderful afterward, like you really connected and the world feels a little bit brighter? That’s what this song feels like for me."

- Do You, Ear to the Ground

"With a gentle and captivating touch, she... gives life to a subtle yet sad love story that is so poetic and hypnotizing...So put on your headphones and close your eyes and simply fall prey to the sweet warm grasp of this fantastic must-listen gem."

- Winter Coat, Wolf in a Suit

"Little Love... has something childish, kind and naive. It is amazing how many feelings managed to fit in just a few minutes."

- Little Love, Nagamag

"‘Silver Cup’ succeeds due to... Emma’s expressive vocals which are conversational and melodious at once, forlorn and hopeful and inspiring a tear down a cheek which we weren’t sure was one of joy or sadness. In a word it is beautiful, a song for solitude,...where for once the feeling is of completeness."

- Silver Cup, mp3hugger

"Emma fills the track with conversational energy, treating us to a train-of-thought style of singing."

 - Pink Post-it Note, Glasse Factory

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